Pressurised Unit Required for luxury 45 Storey Tower Block

December 2015 & March 2018

Pressurised Unit Required for luxury 45 Storey Tower Block

Date: December 2015 & March 2018

Location: Baltimore Wharf

Client Requirements:  Pressurisation & Pressure boosting and circulating applications

Product Supplied: Pressurisation Unit & Expansion Vessel 2015 Booster sets and Circulating Pumps 2018

Baltimore Wharf

The Baltimore Wharf Tower is a 45-storey residential tower, consisting of 1, 2 & 3-bedroom apartments on floors 2-42, it also includes a split-level Brasserie, Bar & Restaurant covering floors 43-45.

The tower is located in London’s Docklands area, a commercial business district on the bank of the Millwall inner dock that includes office towers housing small to medium-sized technology, publishing, legal and financial service companies.


The pressurisation unit, PU for short, is a mechanical piece of equipment used to pressurise a system, usually heating or hot and cold-water services. It fills the system to the optimum pressure to allow the system to flow correctly; it uses one or two small peripheral pumps to maintain the pressure throughout the system. The PU is controlled via pressure switches which sense the system pressure and engage the pumps if pressure is lost for any reason.

Manufacturing of the pressurisation set was completed by Spirotech who specialise in system water conditioning.

Our client consulted Action Pumps requiring recommendations for pumping systems in order to boost water supply throughout the building & keep the water pressure high & consistent throughout the apartments, bars and restaurants.

We supplied our client with pressurisation units and an expansion vessel, the pressurisation unit is designed to maintain initial system fill pressures, which makes up losses due to water leakages. The expansion vessel is used to accommodate the expansion of water due to temperature, pressure fluctuations and eliminates the need for a conventional header tank.



Controlled Water Pressure System


Pressure switches - Hot and cold-water services


Expansion Vessel 2015


Booster sets


Circulating Pumps 2018

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