Action Pumps Service & Maintenance


Pump Servicing & Maintenance


From minor replacements to large scale commercial pump services Action Pumps can help you find a solution to your pumping problem. We offer on and off-site overhauls, maintenance and services across all pump types and manufactures.

Action Pumps have a workshop dedicated to building booster and skid sets as well as a repair workshop dedicated to maintenance and repairs. We have an extensive range of pump spares items in our workshops which allows our team to repair and build items within the shortest time possible. We have a various number of engineers in various locations around London, Greater London and the South East. All works will be quoted based on engineer availability, location and length of time required for the job.

Pump Repair Service 

Our specialist engineers are ready to repair all types of pumps. Depending on the fault or repair required we will remove the pumps from the site, repair in our workshop retest the pump to ensure it is performing to its highest standard and then return the pump to the site, refit the pump and test it to ensure it is running smoothly. The repairs can be specific such as the replacement of a seal or a complete overhaul to leave the equipment functioning like new. We can also offer variable speed drive fault diagnosis and repair services for most makes of invertors. We can also offer temporary hire pumps to stand in place whilst your pump is being repaired. In our workshop, we also keep a various range of spare parts to allow us to repair the pumping equipment with the quickest turn around possible.

Planned Maintenance Contracts

Through a fully equipped service department based at two locations, Action Pumps offer preventative maintenance contracts. Maintenance and servicing measures considerably reduce faults and if detected early on a maintenance visit, they will cause less disruption and less damage being caused including reducing the consequential cost. Servicing contracts ensure life-long operational reliability for all your equipment on site. The advantages of a service contract are: –

  1. Guarantee of maximum operation reliability
  2. Individual service packages
  3. Carried out in accordance with a checklist
  4. Helps decrease the risk of any issues on site
  5. Scheduled by Action Pumps to work around a time that suits you

Action Pumps offer quarterly, 6 monthly and yearly contracts that can roll over to help ease you into the contract.


Our skilled team of specialist engineers are available and fully trained to attend your site on an organised date to commission your pumps, boosters & other water appliances. They will set up these pumps, operate them, test them and report back any findings. This will ensure that your pump runs to its highest standard with the most effectiveness and efficiency throughout the usage of it. This also decreases the risk of breakdowns, faults and issues as the pumps have been fully checked on site, the engineer will also see that you have purchased the correct pump with the correct duties and that it is in its best working order. This is suggested to be followed up with a planned maintenance contract. This can be part of a complete service alongside an install of equipment or used as an add-on service.

Risk and Method Statements 

When required we are happy to provide risk and method statements to cover all work being undertaken on site by our engineers.

Water Hygiene Testing 

Our skilled, specialist engineers are available to attend site for clean water appliances and test the water to ensure it is clean.

Action Pump Warranty 

Our warranty procedure is on offer to all customers who purchased their pumping equipment through Action Pumps. If you find your pump is faulty, contact a member of our service team who will begin to activate your warranty request. The warranty will usually go back to the manufacturer to detect whether it was a manufacturing fault or whether the pump was not able to complete the duty on site or whether the pump was incorrectly used.

An engineer will be sent to site on a date and time that suits the site to investigate the issue and try to detect the cause of the problem and repair this on site.

The warranty will be free of charge or chargeable based on whether it is accepted as a manufacturing fault or not. If the issue is not resolvable on site, the engineer will take steps to arrange to remove the pump from the site, taking it back to their workshop and repairing the pump before returning it back to site or replacing the pump altogether, returning the old one and bringing you a new pump.

Warranty lengths vary dependant on who manufactured your pump and how it is used, but all warranties are extendable at request as an add-on service.

Site Surveys 

Our skilled team of technical guru’s are available to attend site and complete an entire site survey. This can ensure that your project is accurately specified and the most suitable system is supplied, installed and maintained to the highest quality for you.

Site surveys are also available once the equipment is installed. Our engineers take into account all the pumps you have on site, their duties and specifications ready to begin a maintenance contract or service visit.


Our specialist engineers are trained and ready to come to site and install all pumps, booster sets & other associated equipment to ensure the smooth running on site. They will attend site once the goods have been received and install and set up the items for you. This can be part of a complete package with a commissioning visit to ensure the suitability of the pump or it can be used as an add-on service.

Industries Serviced

We will work to provide a full service for all industries including:

Heating and ventilation
Building and construction
Drainage and landscape
Agricultural and irrigation
Chemical and mining
Office and commercial
Hotel and leisure
Manufacturing and industrial
High rise buildings
Fire emergency services

Manufacturers Serviced



    Our skilled team of specialist engineers are ready to specify, supply, install, service and maintain pumps and their control systems


    We provide preventative maintenance contracts and also cater for specific repairs, including replacements seals or complete overhauls

    Site Surveys

    Our technical team will visit your location and complete an entire site survey to ensure your project is accurately specified, and the most suitable system installed and maintained to the highest quality


    Customer Technical Support

    Through our 35 years of operation,  we have accumulated a wealth of product knowledge and application experience that we use to support our customers