Cold Water Booster Pumps Explained 

Booster pumps are often recommended to increase water pressure and improve flow rate. Additionally, they prevent cavitation of other pumps in the system when a single pump cannot deliver the desired service pressure.  


How do booster pumps work? 

The booster pump is a device that carries water from the water source to several endpoints such as taps, faucets, and showers. Pressurizing water at its endpoints requires using a booster pump, which takes water from the source and pumps it out at a desired pressure at the endpoint. 

To increase fluid pressure, booster pumps work with source pumps to move water within a system. 

A booster pump can be used in a variety of applications. These pumps can deliver high-pressure heads, for example, to move water through high-rise buildings or uphill. High-pressure spraying systems and sprinklers require high water pressure to work correctly. 


Among the major industrial applications of these pumps are: 

  • A filtration system 
  • A reverse osmosis system 
  • Heating and ventilation 
  • Input to boilers 
  • Processes that require high fluid pressure in industry 


What is the Function of a Booster Pump? 

A booster pump increases water pressure by adding an additional pump to the fluid flow system. As a result, these pumps function just like any other pump. 

Centrifugal pumps move water from a source through an impeller (single-stage) or multiple impellers (multi-stage) to increase water pressure. An outlet then discharges the high-pressure water. Fluid flow is converted into rotational kinetic energy by centrifugal pumps by converting rotational kinetic energy into hydrodynamic energy. In turbine-driven feedwater pumps, rotational energy is generated by electric motors or steam turbines. In industry, centrifugal pumps are the most widely used pumps, and Volute pumps are the most common centrifugal pumps. 

A series of booster pumps can also be installed along a pipeline to achieve the desired pressure. 


Types of booster pumps 

In most cases, booster pumps come in the form of ordinary pumps or as pumps with variable speed drives (VSDs). 


Ordinary booster pumps cannot increase flow rate or adjust speed as they work at a constant rate. 

Variable speed drive (VSD) pumps allow the speed to be adjusted based on the pressure head required. It is possible to adjust the booster pump’s performance to achieve the desired endpoint pressure if the water pressure at the source varies. Energy savings are also a benefit of these pumps. 


Single-stage vs Multi-stage Booster Pumps 

A one-stage booster pump is the best solution for residential buildings and independent houses with moderate pressure requirements. For a single building, a single-stage booster pump is usually sufficient.  

Multi-stage Booster Pumps are used where high water pressure is required, including pumping water uphill or for a multi-building residential area, maintaining city water pressure, or transporting water over a long distance. 


Are Booster Pumps Necessary? 


It would be best to remember that a low outlet pressure does not necessarily mean a low source pressure when using a booster pump. Before investing in a booster pump, you may want to consider other factors. 

Blockages in pipes  

Pipes that are clogged or blocked add high resistance to the flow of water, resulting in decreased flow rates and higher pressures. 

Demand during peak periods: 

Peak demand results in low water pressure in the water distribution system. However, it is important to note that this condition will not last forever. 

Water Meter Valve or Pressure Regulator Fault 

Within the water distribution system, these devices are essential for maintaining the water pressure at the desired level. The water pressure will likely be affected if any of these devices malfunction. 


How to Choose the Right Water Booster Pump? 


Making the right choice of booster pump can be challenging. To meet your requirements, you should consider several factors, including the state of your pipelines. 

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