COVID-19 Action Pumps Business Update, 20 April 2020


In line with the guidance from the UK Government, Action Pumps has been identified as an essential service in the provision of water & wastewater pumps to essential construction, including Hospitals, Care Homes and Data centres. Action Pumps will continue to operate with increased restrictions to protect their employees and customers;


  1. Staff who are required for essential work, including the manufacture, installation, and supply of water pumps to Data centres, Hospitals, and Care Homes will remain on-site and adhere to all guidelines issued by the government to continue the operation in a safe manner.
  2. Sales and administrative staff required to support the essential operations will continue to work remotely in line with government guidelines.
  3. All staff not associated with essential work will be required to remain at home in accordance with UK government guidelines.
  4. Non-sign policy. To continue with Action Pumps efforts to keep you and our engineers safe, we are operating with a “non-sign policy”. Our engineers will ask for the contacts name and enter this into the signature, this will then be shown to the contact as proof that works have been completed.
  5. Site visits by Engineers. Any programmed and confirmed attendance by our manufacturers’ engineers are subject to postponement and/or cancellation which may be at short notice due to self-quarantine by the attendee’s or in line with any updated advisement by the UK Government.

We would like to thank you for your understanding during this crisis and assure you that we will do everything possible to minimise any disruption to our customers.