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The Elvaro T is a combined tank and variable speed pump set solution designed to maximise the water storage available within a minimum available space.

Variable speed operation of the pumps means system pipework lasts longer due to the removal of the water hammer common on fixed speed operated pumps. This also provides a reduction in energy consumption and is much quieter when in operation.

The compact design of the unit not only provides a spacesaving solution, but is an ideal replacement for an existing installation. Smaller units in the range can fit through standard doorways without having to be dismantled.

Instant Pressure - ‘plug and pump’

A standard factory configuration, meaning the system is ready to provide a constant water pressure as soon as it is put into operation.

Ease of Operation

The system is operated directly from the pump VSDs (Variable Speed Drives) mounted above the tank. Adjustment can be made to the control features from the VSDs if required.

Intelligent Variable Speed Control
In situations of high or low demand, the pumps automatically cycle on/off or ramp up/down which will save on energy costs and deliver optimum performance levels at all times.

Fast Delivery

Usually only four days from an initial order to a shipment from our factory.

Standard configuration of all systems:

  • GRP insulated, WRAS Approved storage tank
  • Variable speed operated submersible pumps
  • Low water level pump protection
  • Common alarm signal output
elvaro tank by action pumps

Technical Information

A look at the Elvaro T in more detail

Product range 1-3 pumps
Operation duty, duty/standby, duty/assist, duty/assist/stanby, duty/assist/assist
Flow range 1.2 – 8.0 litres/sec
Pressure range 2.5 – 6.0 bar
Max system pressure 10 bar
Max system temperature 23oC
Manifold  Stainless steel
AISI 304
Pumps  Stainless steel
AISI 304
Galvanized steel
EN/DIN 1.4301/AISI 304
GRP with insulation (WRAS approved)


GRP Insulated Tank
WRAS approved with 25mm insulation with sealed lid. Actual capacity from 500litres to 2250litres. Standard Type AA air gap with CAT 5 option on larger capacity tanks.

Stainless steel manifold c/w pressure vessel, pump and pressure vessel isolating valves and pump NRVs terminating in male threaded connection. 11/2inch BSP on single and twin pump sets, 2inch BSP on triple pump sets.

Submersible pumps constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel. The flow range is 1.0 to 5.0litres/sec. The pressure range is 2.0 to 6.0bar

Variable speed drives fitted on support plates above the tank configured to control the pump/pumps with an adjustable set point to provide a constant discharge pressure with automatic duty/standby or duty/assist operation. A float switch provides a low level protection. A common volt free alarm system is provided.
Power Supply: 240v/1pH/50Hz

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