Pumping Units, Fire Sets and Vessels, Required for Luxury Residential Block

April 2014 – November 2018

Expansion vessels and pressurisation units & Fire Sets 

Date: April 2014 – November 2018.

Location: 261 City Road, Islington, London.

Client Requirements: Fire sets, Vessels, Pumps

Product Supplied: Various Grundfos equipment; TPE’s, Hydro MPC-E’s and Alphas. Lowara Fire set and Submersible pump. Flamco Flexfillers and Flexcons. Various expansion vessels and pressurisation units.

Lexicon Tower

Situated at 261 City Road is a 36-story, 115m tall residential building known as the Lexicon Tower and is recognised as Islington’s tallest building.

It offers 146 private one, two and three-bedroom apartments as well as a residents’ spa, pool, gym, steam rooms, sauna rooms and a resident lounge with a private terrace. City Road is a busy road, running straight through Central London and made up mostly of housing and residential blocks, but also with cafes, restaurants and shops.


On this project, Action Pumps Limited supplied one of our good clients with a considerable number of items ranging from pumps, booster sets and expansion vessels to fire sets! More specifically this equipment included; TPE’s, Alpha’s, Hydro MPC-E booster sets, Fire set, Submersible Pumps, Flexfillers, Flexcons, Expansion Vessels, Pressurisation Units and various other small pieces of equipment. To get all of this equipment we used three different specialist manufacturing pump companies: Xylem, Grundfos and Flamco.

The Fire Pumps are specifically designed to maximise the safety of personnel and property. In the event of a fire with emergency reliability essential in this potential life-saving application.

Our client first contacted us in April 2014 regarding the works taking place to get the Lexicon Tower up and running smoothly. We liaised with the client to find the best solutions to fulfil the job. Our team continuing to liaise throughout the contract of works which included 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Our team helped with the installation and wiring of products we carried out commissioning of products to ensure they were running smoothly, finally, we scheduled a maintenance plan ensuring regular schedules visits on a preventative maintenance contract (PMC).

We supplied the client with all the necessary items to ensure that the Lexicon Tower is running well with water supply for the whole tower. Furthermore, we also carried out all maintenance work to ensure that it will stay running smoothly and avoid any unexpected errors or breakdowns and ensure equipment was running at the highest performance standard.





Hydro MPC-E’s




Booster sets


Lowara Fire set and Submersible pump


Flamco Flexfillers and Flexcons


Expansion vessels and pressurisation units

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