GRUNDFOS Magna Circulators 

Grundfos magna

MAGNA Pumps:

The Magna range of circulators boosts an ultra-efficient design and permanent magnet motor. This range of circulators was developed by Grundfos in 2001 and has been a top choice for customers since they were launched.

Grundfos Magna Benefits:

Grundfos has evolved and continued to develop its range of pumping solutions throughout the years, giving them the market edge in terms of design, product efficiency, and technical backup.

The Magna range was delivered to offer a simple user interface, the pumps can be monitored via a fault relay. 

The Magna’s offer a digital start/stop input that will allow the pump to be monitored remotely, in addition to a wireless functionality that means that the popular twin-pump models will secure continuous operation.

Simple installation and commissioning

Reduced energy consumption

Increased system performance

Grundfos magna

Suitable applications for use:

The Magna 1 & Magna 3 range is an established favourite for use in a wide range of applications including:

Domestic and light commercial applications: heating and cooling demands, domestic water environments, ground source, and solar heating systems.

Technical support:

Action Pumps is a premiere authorised supplier for Grundfos. The technical knowledge available to our customers via our own technical engineers, in addition to our close relationship with Grundfos support teams, provides an exceptional after sales support line for each of our customers.


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