Grundfos TPE2 and TPE3

High Energy Efficient Range of In-Line Pumps

The TPE2/TPE3 are a highly energy efficient range of in-line pumps.  In fact all TPE2/TPE3 models with their Minimum Efficiency Index of 0.70 well exceed legislative demand that currently stands at 0.40.


The TPE2 have features that include the advanced setpoint influence function which makes if possible for you to define your individual choice of parameters that decide how the performance of the pump should change.  The limit exceed function also allows you to customise the operation of the pump such as pressure or temperature.


The TPE3 contains some entirely new features that enable it to optimise the system and application that it is part of. It has features like the Delta T Control Mode, a build in heat energy meter, flow minute function, and an integrated Delta P Sensor and temperature sensor.

Suitable Applications For Use:

One-string heating systems

Boiler shunt pump applications

Heat recovery systems

Domestic hot water recirculation

The TPE range are the answer to your in-line needs

This family easily meets IE4 demands – even when you include the energy consumption of the integrated frequency converter – frequently delivering a payback that is often less than 2 years.

With great efficiency savings, wide application suitability, and a short payback, every detail of these pumps has been designed to increase the performance of your system – making them a hard act to follow.

Technical Support:

Action Pumps is a premiere authorised supplier for Grundfos. The technical knowledge available to our customers via our own technical engineers, in addition to our close relationship with Grundfos support teams, provides an exceptional after sales support line for each of our customers.

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