Grundfos Variable Speed Pumps

At Action Pumps we have the ability to offer bespoke solutions for any pumping requirement including hand, wind, solar, electric, petrol or diesel driven pumps, for a diverse range of applications and end users.

Our core objective is to ensure your water flows smoothly by providing high quality pumping solutions for the building services, drainage and sewage, irrigation and water utility markets. We also cater for a number of niche markets requiring specialist knowledge including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and the marine industry.

Together with some of the industry’s most respected pump manufacturers, we offer total pumping solutions, either through a pre-packaged pumpset or by designing and manufacturing to specific demands. Our skilled team of specialist engineers can design, assemble and finish pre-packaged and individually specified pumpsets to meet your requirements.

Grundfos TPE2 and TPE3  Variable Speed Pumps

The Grundfos TPE2 and TPE3 pump families are variable speed, vertical in-line volute pumps that can be used in a variety of commercial building applications. The pumps are single-stage and have motors with a built-in frequency converter, allowing different control methods to be employed. This translates into real benefits with respect to energy savings and increased comfort.

This pump range is notable for its high levels of reliability and efficiency.  Quiet, highly-efficient IE3 motors are standard components. All TP pumps are electro-coated to ensure high corrosion resistance.

TPE3 and TPE2 are all-round in-line pumps that can be used in all heating, cooling and district energy systems. TPE3 and TPE2 make a significant difference in terms of comfort and system efficiency in many situations. Including:

  • one-string heating systems
  • heat recovery system
  • boiler shunt pump
  • domestic hot water recirculation.

How does it meet safety concerns


TPE3 have frequency converters built into the motors and are also equipped with a factory-fitted integrated differential pressure and temperature sensors. This delivers a preset solution for quick and safe installation.

The motor requires no external motor protection.  This means that the built-in protection i.e. electrical, over voltage, under voltage and overload is safeguarded.       

There is a ‘limit exceeded’ function that monitors any two known parameters and that will react if parameters are exceeded (TPE2).


Technical support:

Action Pumps is a premiere authorised supplier for Grundfos. The technical knowledge available to our customers via our own technical engineers, in addition to our close relationship with Grundfos support teams, provides an exceptional after sales support line for each of our customers.

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