Hydro Micro-E Compact Booster

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Grundfos Pumps used their extensive experience to design a range of reliable, cost-effective, flexible, energy efficient, and user-friendly, 2 pump variable speed booster sets. 

Grundfos Hydro Micro -E booster systems offer you a high level of operational reliability with the unique multi master functionality. The multi E has been fitted with two discharge pressure sensors which offer you redundancy while maintaining full operational constant pressure. The discharge pressure sensors are connected to pump one and two, if one fails the other will quickly take over in order to keep the system operational.

The Hydro Micro-E family has continued to go from strength to strength and models have been used in many domestic, commercial, and industrial applications that have a flow requirement of up to 4/l per second.  These British built sets combine innovative technology as well as delivering extended functionality, highly efficient permanent magnet motors, and multi-master variable speed control.  These advances have resulted in a set that is capable of delivering lower running costs and a longer service life, without compromising on performance.  Another important factor is that is the ideal choice for both new and retrofit applications.

Additionally, these sets are part of the Grundfos Fast Track booster scheme, that will deliver any of these standard models – plus models from Multi-E and MPC-E ranges – within just 5 working days.

Technical Support:

Action Pumps is a premiere authorised supplier for Grundfos. The technical knowledge available to our customers via our own technical engineers, in addition to our close relationship with Grundfos support teams, provides an exceptional after sales support line for each of our customers.