London Pump Repair and Maintenance Service


London Pump Repair and Maintenance Service

Action Pump offers a comprehensive pump maintenance and repair service covering all of London. Our pump engineers are based locally so we can respond to any emergency you may have. With years of experience in the distribution and repair service, our engineers are highly skilled and trained to respond to any emergency.

With over 35 years of experience, and a specialist distributor of all pump brands, we can offer you peace of mind with our fully integrated preventative and emergency repair service. Our competitively priced pump maintenance contracts are tailored to meet your specific needs and will assist in keeping running costs to a minimum and help identify any damage before it becomes serious. Our priority is to deliver the best service whatever the situation – be it a repair or replacement, giving our customers a fast and reliable service.

We cater to all industries.

Heating and ventilation
Building and construction
Drainage and landscape
Agricultural and irrigation
Chemical and mining
Office and commercial
Hotel and leisure
Manufacturing and industrial
High rise buildings
Fire emergency services

How often should you service your pump?

Pumps convert mechanical energy (rotation of the impellers) into hydraulic energy (required to lift a body of fluid). Over time, without proper servicing, the pump will lose efficiency and ultimately lead to a breakdown. It is vital to proactively schedule pump preventive maintenance to avoid an unexpected breakdown of the equipment. During our routine inspections we will ensure that the following aspects of your pump are working properly:

  1. Suction pressure (Ps)
  2. Discharge pressure (Pd)
  3. Flow (Q)
  4. Pump speed (N)
  5. Pump efficiency (η)
  6. Power
  7. Vibration monitoring
  8. Level of Lubrication


Action Pumps are a nationwide, specialist provider of professional and tailored solutions

As well as servicing pumps, we are a nationwide, specialist provider of professional and tailored solutions that meet all your pumping requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of pumping solutions including packaged booster setsbespoke pump systemspressurisation kits as well as control systems. We are suppliers of the major pump manufacturers in the UK including Grundfos (UK Premier Authorised Distributor), Lowara, Flygt, Armstrong, Jung, DAB Pumps.   

With both Preventative Maintenance contracts and emergency repair services available, contact one of our technical staff today to discuss your needs.

Servicing warranty

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