Pressurisation Sets

Maintain the minimum water pressure for any sealed chilled or heating system

A pressurisation sets are designed to pressurise a pump system, most commonly heating pumps or hot and cold water services. It fills the unit to acquire the optimum pressure to allow the correct flow of water.

Pressurisation sets are available for heating and chilled water systems.  They are supplied in single or twin pump configurations, base mounted or cabinet enclosed with a variety of control options, and with expansion vessels ranging in capacity from 20 to 1000 litres.

Pressurisation sets

Together with some of the industry’s most respected pump manufacturers, we offer total pumping solutions, either through a pre-packaged pumpset or by designing and manufacturing to specific demands. Our skilled team of specialist engineers can design, assemble, and finish pre-packaged and individually specified pump sets to meet your requirements.

Consistent water pressure

Decrease maintenance costs

Hot & cold water systems

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