Product Learning Centre

Technical Training for all Pump Requirements
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​Action Pumps Ltd offers and technical support to our valued customers.

We have the facility to carry out product overview training on a range of Grundfos products, including booster sets (Hydro MPC-E & Hydro Multi-E), circulating pumps (Magna1, Magna3, TPE2 & TPE3) & pressurisation units.

We can also offer approved CPD courses in association with Grundfos, covering the subjects below:

  • Reliable wastewater removal in commercial buildings
  • Intelligent design and control
  • Packaged Booster Systems
  • Need to get pumped up about District Energy?
  • Building in Fire Protection
  • Efficient pumping in heating and cooling applications
  • High-rise pumping matters
  • Off-site build – a solid base for future developments
  • Get your pump boosting projects under control
  • Staying in control of design to value pumping solutions

We also have Lowara Ecocirc, Flamco Flexfiller Midi & Spirotech units for further product familiarisation.

During our 35 years of operation in the pump industry, Action Pumps has accumulated a wealth of product knowledge and application experience that we are keen to share with our customers. Please call us on 023 9226 8511 or email