Water Air Surge Protector (WASP) Valve

Exclusive to Action Pumps. the WASP valve offers air, surge & vacuume protection

Water Air Surge Protection valve

Available exclusively from Action Pumps, the WASP valve offers air, surge, and vacuum protection as a custom built solution for installation at the top of a riser in a building to reduce the potential for hydraulic shock.

  • Dampens effect of Water-Hammer at pump start-up
  • Provides Vacuum Protection when the pump stops and the riser drains

Automatic Surge Protection

The unique WASP valve incorporates as standard, three design features to automatically protect building risers under all operating conditions, from the destructive surge and water hammer phenomena. These features are independent of any mechanical devices ensuring reaction in a very low milli second time span.

  • Vacuum Protection

The WASP valve utilises the large orifice to admit air in the riser thus preventing vacuum occurring when the booster set is down (powered off).

  • Effective Air Release

During filling, air is forced through an “Anti-Surge” orifice resulting in the deceleration of the approaching water column due to the resistance of rising air pressure in the valve. This dampens potential pressure transients when the air valve closes. The WASP valve design, ensures effective de-aeration under all pipeline flow and operating conditions, via either one of three discharge orifices.

Typical Arrangement

The WASP valve must be installed at the top of each riser to ensure adequate water-hammer protection.  An isolating valve should be installed to facilitate maintenance.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  To ensure proper operation the system must be thoroughly flushed prior to the installation of the WASP valve.

Water air surge protection valve

Automatic surge protection

Vacuume protection

Please read before installation

The WASP valve must be installed such that it can be easily removed if required. We suggest that unions are fitted to the both the system and drain connections of the valve. The union on the system connection (bottom of the valve) should be fitted so that it is in-between an isolation valve and the Y strainer. This is so that the system can be left isolated whilst the valve is removed.

In the unlikely event that the valve needs to be removed within the warranty period, Action Pumps will not accept any liability or responsibility if the valve is installed in a position such that it cannot be accessed and/or removed with relative ease.

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* Versions rated at higher pressures up to PN40 available on request.

** The design, size, and use of every cold water riser /distribution laterals is different for all buildings, hence to size a water / air surge protection valve correctly, the system should be evaluated to determine the maximum flow rate of air entering the system under vacuum conditions. In reality, this is virtually impossible to estimate, so the figure stated is based on a maximum vacuum not exceeding 0.1 bar (riser draw down the flow rate of approximately 55m3/hr. System fill – We strongly recommend that all booster pump set control systems utilise a “system fill” feature to assist with controlled slow filling of a system after a power failure or if the system pressure drops below a pre-determined threshold. Action Pumps offer a retro fit solution for systems without this feature.

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