Cold Water Storage & Kiosks

cold water tank

WRAS approved Cold Water storage tanks & Kiosks

Our range of cold water storage tanks are compliant with local water by-laws (WRAS approved) and come with drip trays, chlorination and an installation service provided by the Action Pumps team. Cold water storage tanks are available in a range of sizes produced from either fibreglass or galvanised steel.  Fibreglass tanks are supplied as one-piece, two-piece or sectional options. The galvanised steel tanks are available in rectangular or cylindrical formats.


Cold Water Storage Tanks

Action Pumps expertise extends to being able to offer the right type of kiosk to house pumping equipment and controls.   Available in steel or fibreglass and in a variety of colours and finishes – smooth, textured or simulated brick.  All kiosks adhere to British Standards.  Larger, walk-in versions can also be manufactured and supplied in fibreglass.

GRP Water Tank Solutions

WRAS Approved

Long life tanks

Cost effective water storage solutions

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